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Vermonte, P. J., & Suryana, A. (2022). Foreword. Muslim Politics Review, 1(1), 1-2.


Publishing in academic journals is an important endeavour in the academic world. Academic journals contribute immensely to the progress and accumulation of knowledge, as journals provide platforms for scholars to engage in the contestation of ideas that can spur innovation in their respective fields of study. Muslim Politics Review (MPR) is walking the path to that endeavour. Articles in this journal will reflect the unique contributions that they make in the field of political science and its sub-disciplines, such as comparative politics, public policy, political theory, and international relations. Contributions from other social sciences disciplines, including but not limited to sociology, history, anthropology, economics, and psychology, are also welcome, so long as they intersect with politics. It is important to underline this scope due to MPR’s position as a newly established academic journal focusing on politics.
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